Up close
A game where you look at a photo of an object up close and guess what it is.                       [...]
Green is my favorite color so I went around my school and took photos of the green things inside (or outside)             [...]
Results are In
The results from the poll on goats are in 100% of you seemed to find any photo of a goat likable, as for the best goat: 75% think mountain goats and normal [...]
13 gifts to get a 13 year old
Books – great way to pass time especially if you know they like reading 2. tiny knickknack- any item that they like or could display on a shelf s 3. [...]
20 by 20
Visit Italy specifically Positano and Venice   2. buy and read enough books to have a room like this 3. Visit at least 10 national parks 4. Visit 75% [...]
Poll on Goats
This poll covers your opinions on goats to take it click here.
Top 10
Top 10 things that are great in my opinion. (In no particular order) 1. Hoodies   2. Mountain Goats that look like old wizards 3. Tea   4. The [...]
Caffeine Quiz
Click here The quiz on the best kind of caffeine from coffee to tea to energy drinks, which is the best of each category? (Its tea)
My first post
This is my first post, about my favorite candy! Heres a photo: One of my favorite webistes is Apple Music. I listen to most music there, heres a link.
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